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Get to know more about the Mojo Sports Network

About Us

MOJO Sports Network is a startup Mojo is a new Sports Network that aims to provide digital content through podcasting and social media engagement.

Our point of difference is that we aim to provide a pathway for female sports analysts to join our team and produce unique content and commentary across several sports. 

Women Holding Hands


The Mojo Sports Network aims to be to be a prominent brand and network recognised in the sporting and wider community for increasing the volume and visibility of diverse voices in sport. 
We want to be a known as champions and advocates to rising stars, associations, clubs, athletes, and communities across our select codes, promoting and representing the sporting community and its diverse participants promoting progressive change, engagement and participation.


  • Promoting diversity in sports & sports media 

  • Providing opportunities for aspiring individuals 

  • Promoting inspirational athletes and their stories 

  • Promoting outstanding sporting achievements   

  • Our values reflect our passion and dedication to providing holistic insight and analysis across a diverse range of athletes and sports. 

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